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This section is intended to assist with the development of navigational proficiency.

It will be continuously updated with links, videos, and any other tool or information that will promote Intent, Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Impeccability, and Presence.

"Intent is the Magic Wand."

It is the force that shapes our entire life experience. To affect or change it we have to affect or change the beliefs and thought patterns that generate our intent. Chances are that we hold arbitrary, conflicting, outdated, and counter-productive beliefs that have to be clarified and re-formulated to bring them in line with our current state of knowledge and wisdom.
For example, we might hold the belief that money corrupts the soul, or that we are not talented to be happy, or that if things can go wrong, they will. To prevent such beliefs from negatively affecting our reality, we have to overwrite them, i.e. saturate our subconscious mind with more constructive beliefs. We can literally create a new script and then use powerful, contemporary methods to overwrite our old belief system with an updated version.

The new script or 'operating system' can be burned onto our mostly subconscious 'mental hard drive' with the help of VisionBoards,  IntentMovies, Subliminal Messages, NLP, Mantras, MovementForms, and PurposefulActing.

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