Movies on Web' is a FREE software. It was used to make the intent movie 'I am a Source of Happiness'.
ProShowGold' is a more sophisticated software that produces HD slideshows and movies. It was used to make the 'Bare Essentials' intent movie.
'Subliminal Flash' is a very useful and inexpensive software that allows you to create subliminal message scripts on your computer screen.
'Neuro Programmer' is another inexpensive but very powerful program that uses brainwave entrainment to help re-design your thought patterns and belief systems.
Excellent source for inexpensive photos, illustrations, video, and audio
A webpage with some practical tips how to make a vision board
The official website for Carlos Castaneda's 'Tensegrity', a powerful set of movements that is being taught in workshops worldwide. offers 10-day silent meditations retreats (Vipassana) FREE OF COST. It is simply the best crash course in PRESENCE available. A MUST!
A portal into the direct experience and recognition of Being. Mooji is undoubtedly among the most potent forces alive today that are pointing towards our True Self.
Eckhart Tolle's work provides another very accessible and direct pathway into our essential nature and into the experience of navigating life in the NOW.
SourcePoint Therapy is a simple non-invasive energetic approach to healing. Workshops are offered internationally.
The Shen Dao Institute offers transformational pilgrimages on the 'Camino de Santiago' in Spain.
Stormflower WebDesign significantly helped us in bringing the Art of Navigation into cyberspace.